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Dare to Believe?

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Do you remember this program 'Dare to Believe' on TV3? It featured Jeanette Wilson who is now deeply involved with energy healing.

Jeanette speaks at the Expo at 11am both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. In her seminars titled 'Psychic Surgery with Entities of Light' and 'Emotional Reprogramming' Jeanette guides us through how she works and some of her experiences. Both are deeply moving and enlightening opportunities.

This weekend 60 Natural Health professionals present their products and services. "It's a great opportunity to discuss your health needs with a variety of practitioners without the obligation of an appointment", says organiser Claire Jensen. "The Natural Health field is evolving and developing so fast, every year there is something new and different."

The Natural Health Expo has been a successful in Hamilton for 19 years. Come and join us. Take your time. There's no bustle, plan to stay all day.

One of our 2015 exhibitors

What people have said about our expo

One of our 2015 speakers

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"I had a marvelous time, we generated real interest in Vibrosaun. Thank you. I will see you at the Hamilton show."

Sharon Dickison, Vibrosaun

"Always a great event. Last year, I did not exhibit, but attended and had an awesome day networking, meeting lots of wonderful people that led on to some great friendships."

Pete Archer

"I would like to thank you both for a wonderful weekend at Cambridge. Your expo was certainly the best organized and best promoted, compared with the other similar events I have attended. This was reflected by the large number of visitors, for a small town like Cambridge that attended, which in turn was a very satisfactory weekend for myself. I look forward to being an exhibitor in future shows."

Mike Maran. Graphologist

"I have loved being a part of this health and wellness community since immigrating to NZ ten years ago. We have seen Claire's shows consistently deliver and enjoy being with our extended spiritual family"

Pip Oxlade, Spiritual Success Mentor

"We would like to wish everyone all the best and think your event is very well run, friendly and relaxed. We really enjoyed last year."

Bruce Powley

"The advertising and so on certainly worked, as I had a lot of good feed back about this from those I saw. I noticed a shift in energies at this years expo, and it was beautiful, so well done and thank you both, as that is where it stemmed from."

Ellen. Reader


Healthier and Happier Menstrual Cycles

Belinda Falconar1
Belinda Falconar

3:00 - 3:45, Saturday

Belinda Falconar (Aroha Acupunture & Drion), 75 Ghuznee St, L6, Wellington

021 770 972   belinda@aroha-acupuncture.co.nz   www.aroha-acupuncture.co.nz   info@drion.nz 

Belinda Falconar, acupuncturist from Aroha Acupuncture and owner of Drion NZ will talk about how mainstream sanitary products contribute to increased pain, bleeding and PMT during the menstrual cycle.

All women 15 and older. Older women are very concerned about their younger family members and are looking for ways to help them. Otherwise all menstruating women and those who use sanitary products for incontinence as well. To bring awareness to women about what products they are using and how they are affecting their health and wellbeing. Also to talk about tampons and how they are also very detrimental, even organic ones.

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